Our secret: A small structure with a very large capacity.

We are on site during the event to ensure everything goes as planned. And, therefore, your tranquility.

We never forget a special ingredient: emotion. Our audience are families, friends, clients, colleagues …

And we also understand the business world

We design team building events, conventions, congresses, your company’s parties …

  And for all this …

We have a group of specialist professionals: actors, child monitors, entertainers, magicians, cartoonists, musicians, dancers …

And if you are looking for something different or special, we will can do that too.

We dedicate all our experience to making your event a resounding success. Do not worry about the organization and focus on what is important: enjoying the party.

Our services

Event Organization

Take the worry and the extra workload out of organizing an event. I can help you organize and coordinate your dream event, whether private or company. Count on me so that you only worry about enjoying yourself. I will advise you on your ideas, we will create and modulate them, and then we will put them into practice.

Entertainment Events

Don't let the laughter stop! What is the difference between a successful and a boring event?
The fun.
Count on entertainment specialists who will take your event to another level.
Recruitment of celebrities, DJ’s, presenters, team building, workshops (e.g. cocktails, makeup…), Shows (e.g. magic, dance, pampering, humour ..)


Do you want to be the life of the party before you even start it?
Hire a helicopter, boat or hot air balloon and leave all guests open-mouthed. They will talk about your party for a long time. We can't say anything else, you will leave everyone speechless!
Do you dare?

Children's Animation

Count on a party straight out of a fairy tale. Your children can travel to distant places and meet their favourite characters without leaving the space you have chosen. How about some musical games? Do you paint faces?
Are you getting married? Hire children's monitors for your wedding.


Ok, you have a precious space but you don't know how to turn it into what you have in mind? Do you need inspiration?
We take care of creating your idea in the space you have chosen. What you dream of. A seabed, a trip back to the 1920s, the exclusivity of Hollywood ...

Wedding Officiant

Why have an ordinary officiant for your wedding, when you can have an EXTRAORDINARY one?
Wedding season, how many have you been to this year? Do you want to be different? It will be a totally personalized event!